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Group classes are great for clients on a budget or looking for a social environment for training.
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Custom 1-on-1 training programs treat your dog's behaviors at the source... where and when it happens.
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reactive dogs

Reactive dog

Dogs can become reactive for many reasons. Some examples include being attacked or rushed by off leash dogs, being teased by humans, or due to lack of structure and protection from their pack leaders.


Our trainers will identify the source of the reactivity and create a program that will build the necessary skills to regain balance. Fearful dogs will need to build confidence, where as pushy dogs will have to learn patience and impulse control. 


The goal of all our programs is to educate our clients on their dog’s basic needs to feel stimulated and safe. Then to teach the dog how to deal with the emotions that are causing the intense reactions.


Adult training

Over 1 Year Old

Dog Obedience Training

Dogs begin to mature into adults during the second year, and most reach natural maturity by the age of 2 years old. After a year old, we are dealing with a dog that has an adult confidence level and is less eager to change.

After 2 years, it is possible to still change your dog’s bad habits, but will be much more difficult. Just like people, it takes time, patience and consistency to create new habits and associations.

Obedience training is the foundation of all dog training. It is what teaches the dog patience, impulse control and focus. Without those three skills, any dog is going to have a really hard time listening around distractions.

As balanced trainers, our staff is able to provide multiple solutions to help with common problems. Our trainers know how to use many different tools on the market and can recommend the best tool for your dog’s temperament. 


No 2 dogs are the same, and we do not force any training tools or concepts on our clients. That never works.

We respect our clients enough to be honest and open with them, to provide education on all options available, understanding that the client will ultimately pick what works best for their unique situation.

No Previous formal Training?

Start Here By building a solid foundation

Before we get into sports and brain games. It is important to build a foundation of impulse control, patience and focus. Without these three skills, dogs act out when they experience emotions such as, boredom, frustration, fear or excitement.

Our basic obedience program focuses on teaching first time response on commands around distractions, and building healthy coping mechanisms in our dogs to handle stressful or exciting situations.

We do this by coaching the dog through situations using the commands we have learned, and holding them accountable when they choose to ignore us.

It is essential that dogs learn how to respect healthy boundaries to avoid reactivity/aggression issues, destructive behaviours, nuisance barking, separation anxiety, and other unwanted behaviours.


But most of all.. to keep your dog, your family and your community safe!


We have private in home lessons, group classes, or bundles including both options available. 

Private lessons provide 1-on-1 training and customized training that focuses on your dog’s weaknesses. 

This is the best option for clients with busy schedules and cannot commit to a 6 week class schedule.

Our group class option is more budget friendly and provides a socialization aspect.

Mentally stimulating training activities

If you already have a training foundation, take a look at our ongoing training activities for fitness, mental stimulation, and socialization. Try a tricks and agility class, K9 Fitness Workout, or Pack Walks.

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