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A lot of information is gathered at this age about who is safe, and who is not.
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Puppy training

10 Weeks - 7 Months Old

Pablo Place

Puppy training is very similar to raising a toddler. They are very curious and extremely impulsive. Since we cannot explain to them what we want, it is essential that a solid daily routine is established.


Routines at this age create the consistency and repetition needed for the dog to learn the household daily activities and how they are going to be involved. This will help with house training, crate training, separation anxiety, and nipping to name a few! 


Our puppy programs focus on creating structure, improving social skills, and building confidence.


Puppy Drop In’s provide social time to play and teach basic obedience commands around minimal distractions. This will help prepare them for Basic Obedience class when duration and distractions are introduced.


Private lessons are available for clients who cannot attend classes, while still getting to socialize and work around other dogs. Our Puppy Foundations Program runs for 10 weeks and will set anyone and their puppy up for success.

Did you know a puppies most influencial period for socialization is between 6-16 weeks?

If your schedule allows it… We strongly recommend joining a puppy class. The classes are designed to show pet parents what safe play is, how to read body language and when to step in.


One of the biggest causes for dog reactivity as an adult, is when a dog feels unsafe or unprotected from strange dogs and people. We teach pet parents how to handle and avoid situations with unwanted attention from dogs and people. Advocating for your dog.. without enabling anxiety… is an important part of dog ownership.

Build your dog’s social skills and confidence level with our puppy socialization class. 

Enjoy drop in classes that begin with 30 minutes of play and ending with 15 minutes of training exercises. It is a perfect option for dogs under 16 weeks, providing a safe place to socialize and build social skills. It also gives you a head start on building focus, patience and impulse control.

2nd Set of Vaccines required to join. rabies not required until 16 weeks old.

Is your Puppy Over 16 Weeks?

Don’t worry! You haven’t missed out!

Our puppy foundations program runs for 10 weeks and accepts puppies between 3-7 months.


The program focuses on building your relationship through training and play, building your dog’s confidence, ability to control their emotions, and ensuring pet parents go home with the knowledge to raise a balanced and happy dog. Learn the basic commands, how to productively drain your dog’s energy, and test their athleticism.


Avoid reactivity instead of having to deal with it later.

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