Private Training

You Can't Blame Them, If You Don't Train Them.

All of our private training programs are customized to our client’s specific training goals. This one-on-one training style gives your trainer the opportunity to give you 100% of their focus and deal with the behaviors you want to improve.

Being able to customize the training plan gives you the flexibility to teach your dog things not covered in structured class environments. Recreating situations the dog struggles with allows us to incorporate behavioral training into the training program, which teaches how to cope with situations they typically over react in.

In-home training is a great option for clients who are seeking convenient and detailed training programs, have dogs that do not have the best social skills, or for clients dealing with specific behavioral issues. By adding behavioral training into our in-home programs, we can achieve dramatic results working with any behavior within 2 weeks if you do your homework!

On Site Training

3 Lesson: Focused Behavioural Training


This package is for clients with previous training that are looking to work on specific behaviours. 3 lessons is not enough to fully train a dog, so this option is not recommended for clients with limited previous training or whom do not have control of their dog around distractions.

3 lessons however, is enough to tackle specific behavioural issues such as crate training, loose leash walking, or door control.

Our trainers and customer service can help you decide if this option will work for your training goals.

5 Lesson: Boot Camp


Our Boot Camp package is perfect for clients looking for a good and reliable family dog. The focus is to teach clients how to keep their dog happy, to hold their dog accountable to promote good choices and improve safety around distractions, and build a foundation of impulse control, focus, and patience. These are the minimum requirements to prevent reactivity and other behavioural issues.


This program will teach clients all basic obedience commands listed below as well as build confidence through play and mental stimulation. It will also teach clients how to properly and clearly communicate with their dogs to improve their handling skills. Our trainers will help you create a routine that sets your dog up for success every day and keeps your dog mentally healthy.


SIT – LEAVE IT – RELEASE – STAY – DOWN – RECALL – HEEL – PLACE + more if you are motivated and do your homework!

10 Lesson: Training Foundations Program


This program is recommended for clients who are first time dog owners or new puppies, for clients want a reliable dog in every environment, or are dealing with aggression or reactivity problems. This 10 week training program allows clients to bring their do to their full potential by learning basic and intermediate commands, building confidence with our fitness and training equipment, and providing mentally stimulating outlets to reduce the dog’s stress levels. 


The most important part of this program is that we have 10 weeks to teach the humans about dog psychology, how to create a fulfilling life for your dog, and how to manage outside influences in society that we may not be able to control. A good dog is led by a confident and educated handler who understands how different situations will effect their dog’s behaviour.


This program is recommended for anyone looking to train a solid and reliable dog that can be trusted in different situations.

In Home Training

$160/hour Flat Rate + Travel Fee Dependent on Location

We recommend participating in our onsite training for the best training experience. Our training equipment provides opportunity for confidence building, mental stimulation and distractions that cannot be recreated in someone’s home. Our on site training has a home like environment for the ability to recreate situations at home that clients often struggle with, such as counter surfing, begging, door control, etc.


Our in home training option is available for clients who cannot come to our location to train, have mobility issues, behaviour only happens in the home etc. 

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