Sit Happens Dog Training Mentoring Program

You Can't Blame Them, If You Don't Train Them.

Sit Happens is proud to offer a one of a kind mentoring program for people who want a more rewarding job working with animals.

Our program extends over one year to ensure that our students finish with confidence and the ability to diagnose and treat problematic behaviors effectively and humanely.

Sit Happens dog training programs focus on building a solid obedience foundation while working on improving the dog's state of mind through behavioral training.

In order to properly diagnose and rehabilitate a dog, it takes time to learn and requires hands on experience. Sit Happens takes on cases that most other training companies will avoid. We help train clients with any problematic behaviors from puppy training to extreme aggression rehabilitation.

Our in home visits provide exposure to a variety of behaviors that are not accepted in class environments or by trainers that do not use balanced training methods.

Sit Happens Story

It all started in 2011 when I (Britnie Mousseau) began my apprenticeship learning to train with working dogs in the sport of Schutzhund. This strict style of obedience and the intensity of the dogs chosen for this sport, gave me a lot of experience and confidence working with strong willed dogs and aggressive behaviors. 


Even though the working world of obedience, protection and scent detection was interesting. I found myself feeling like I was missing something. I was gravitating towards the stray dogs we would pick up and working with them using behavioral training techniques and fell in love. Over the years I adopted an adaptive style of training that provides the level of dominance, stimulation and confidence building to effectively communicate with each dog according to their sensitivity levels. My passion is working with clients and their pets so that a trusting, respectful and stress free relationship is provided for both the dogs and the humans in the pack. 


Sit Happens mission is to reduce the number of dogs surrendered or  re-homed by providing quality training that gets results. We get results by practicing balanced training methods. We use both positive and negative reinforcement. Over years of experience and success, it has been proven in our results that dogs need consistent consequences in their lives in order for long term INDEPENDENT thinking. 


We only accept students with an open mind that understand that no dog is the same and there are many different ways to train a dog. Our students must also understand that our clients hire us to help them with their dogs. This means providing them with all training options, explaining the pros and cons of each, then allowing the client to make their own educated decision.

Ready To Join?

Human psychology

Humans are the biggest influence on a dogs behavior. It is important to understand human psychology so that you can relate and understand each client's unique learning needs. It will also prepare you to deal with people who are a bad influence on the dog.
Includes reading material and homework.

Dog Psychology

The next step is understanding how dogs learn and communicate. Most training programs fail due to poor communication from the handler. A good dog trainer will be able to understand a dogs intent, emotion and intensity to be able to adapt training styles in the moment and avoid getting bitten.
Includes reading material and homework.

dog training

This is the main event of the program.
The content will be focused on exploring different dog training methods, techniques, tools and learning obedience and behavioral training.

Includes reading material, homework and hands on training.

Business Management

On top of learning how to be a great dog trainer. Our program also teaches you how to be a great business owner. Even though we offer positions within the company, we feel it is important to understand the big picture and strengthen your business skills.

Mentoring Program Details

Tuition cost

The tuition fee is $3500+hst

This includes all materials needed for the program.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available in 3, 6 or 10 month terms with 0% interest. 

What you need as a student

Reliable transportation is required. 

An open mind. 

What happens after?

Students that have performed well and have achieved over 85% on their final exam will have the opportunity to work for Sit Happens in their own region.

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