Group Classes

You Can't Blame Them, If You Don't Train Them.

Group classes are great for clients looking for a social training environment, have basic training goals or have a tighter training budget. Our classes are uniquely designed to give you the best bang for your buck! Although the classes cannot be customized, we have classes available to help improve your dogs quality of life and relieve your stress levels.

* Prices are subject to change

Obedience Training

Basic Obedience 

6 Weeks $275+hst


Obedience training usually starts around 4-5 months old, but can be taught at any age. It’s never too late to add structure. 

Our 6 week obedience class covers all the basic commands and helps address the most common behavioral problems. Each class is an hour and  builds on the last to slowly challenge your dog in more situations. 

In 6 weeks, you will learn a complete basic obedience program on leash, to ensure safety and the ability to properly exercise your dog. Class focus is on building first time response to commands around distractions and building communication skills between you and your dog.


Intermediate Obedience 

Prerequisite: Basic obedience training

6 Weeks $275+hst

Our 6 week intermediate classes are designed to improve your current on leash obedience and begin to transition to off leash. Commands increase in difficulty by adding more distance, duration and distractions.
New commands include: 
Sit/Down in Motion, Down from a Distance, Send Out and Blind Recalls.
**Previous basic obedience training is required**
Dogs should be able to ignore most distractions and obey your commands the first time you say them before joining this class.

Rally Obedience 

 Prerequisite: Basic Obedience Training

$50/class + hst

What is Rally Obedience?

This is a sport to help you continue to challenge your dog’s obedience while improving your teamwork skills. There is a circuit set up with signs for the dog and handler to follow and practice different exercises.

Handler and dog teams walk through the course at a brisk but normal pace with the dog under control and within 2 feet of the handler. A perfect heel is not required. Constant communication from the handler is encouraged to motivate the dog and build those teamwork skills we were talking about. Treats and toys are not allowed on the course to motivate, just as corrections and harsh commands have no place here. Improving communication and teamwork requires patience and understanding. This is a great way to see how much your dog enjoys working with you… instead of for the treats.

Specialized Workshops
$50/class + hst

Reactive Dog Workshops

These specialized workshops are for clients who want more practice handling their dog in a safe environment with their dogs.

These workshops will concentrate on building a positive relationship through play, agility, and mental stimulation. Our other goal is to build your dog’s confidence by building your confidence! We will work on your handling skills and find your dog’s triggers to work on the source of the reactivity. Training exercises will help your dog develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations.

Household Manners

This workshop is designed to help address everyday activities that your dog may become emotional or overexcited about at home, resulting in unwanted behaviours.

Some examples of topics covered included: 

Counter surfing in the kitchen and respect around food

 Greeting guests without jumping and door manners

Separation anxiety

 Desensitization to the vacuum

House training

Nuisance barking

Heeling & Engagement

Do you feel your dog needs more focus on you around distractions? This class is perfect for you!
This class focuses on your dogs handler engagement & awareness when stimulated to build your dog’s ability to pay attention around distractions. It also works on your heeling work by improving your handling skills so you can get a tighter heel position, better focus while moving forward, and ability to ignore distractions.

Recall & Play

This workshop is geared towards building your relationship with your dog and improving their recall through repetition and play. Playing with your dog is one of the best ways to bond, reduce stress, and set ground rules with a fun activity. This is the key to a great recall! Your dog must find you exciting and fun to give up on something interesting and check in with you instead.

Real World Safety

Not as fun as playing with your dog, but just as important! Our safety workshop helps clients navigate the many situations that will arise in the real world. It is important to advocate and be aware of risks that come along with having a dog as a pet.

Some examples of topics covered included:

When it is time to train and when it is time to manage, and what each looks like

How to properly advocate for your dog when they feel threatened or stressed

 Safe dog socialization such as, greeting dogs on leash, dog parks, and dealing with bad influences

 Children and dog interactions, what is appropriate and what is not – both from the dog and the the child

 Learning to be aware of your surroundings, recognizing your dog’s choice points, and how to navigate the walk in public spaces

Mental Stimulation & Fitness

Tricks & Agility

 $50/class + hst

This class welcomes dogs of all ages!
It will strengthen your bond with your dog by building trust and communication skills while having A LOT of fun!
It is an excellent choice for dogs that need a confidence boost or intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation.
This is an ongoing class where learning never stops! Sign up for 3-6 weeks at a time, and renew for as long you and your dog want to keep improving.
Tricks training will teach you how to motivate your dog and add some fun into your training routine. Learn how to skateboard, push shopping carts, and read cue cards to name a few!
Because even though important, Sit-Stays get boring after a little while.
Confidence Building

K9 Fitness

 $50/class + hst

This class welcomes dogs of all ages!
Our fitness programs are designed for dogs that need to burn extra energy, require extra mental stimulation to be happy, or dogs that could lose a couple pounds. Our dog gym will have equipment including, but not limited to treadmills, cart pulling, spring poles, balancing and coordination exercises.
A tired dog is a happy dog!

Nose Work (Scent Training)

$50/class + hst

This class welcomes dogs of all ages!
Nose Work is a really fun activity for you and your dog! It builds confidence by allowing your dog to practice an activity that they were born to do!
Let them get back in touch with their inner dog, and use that sniffer as a rewarding way to burn energy and satisfy animal instincts.
Clients can teach their dog to search for treats or look for a scent such as Wintergreen or Sweet Birch. Once your dog is confident, you can level up to free room searches in local stores for practice.


Early Puppy Social Drop Ins

Age Group: 10-16 weeks

2nd Set of Vaccines Required

$35/class +hst

Did you know a puppies most influencial period for socialization is between 6-16 weeks?

Build your dog’s social skills and confidence level with our puppy socialization class. Enjoy 30 minutes of play and 15 minutes of basic training exercises. It is a perfect option for dogs 4 months and under, providing a safe place to socialize and build social skills. It also gives you a head start on building focus, patience and impulse control.

Puppies are required to have their second set of shots before joining a socialization class (appx 10 weeks Old)

Pack Walks

$20/walk + hst

Sit Happens is offering pack walks to expand upon our dog training and exposure services. Our pack walks will be hosted around Halton Hills. The walks will last 45-60 minutes, depending on the location. 

This is a GREAT opportunity to get out to build confidence, work on reactivity, or meet new people. 

Dogs of all levels of training are welcome, and strict safety precautions are taken so that EVERY dog has a good time and leaves feeling more confident.



You should join one of our pack walks if:

 You and your dog have a hard time finding well behaved dogs to walk with and build positive social skiils.

 Your dog needs to work on their trust around other dogs and people.

 You want to interact with like-minded people that have the same training goals as you.

 You and looking for something social to do with your dog. 


Sign up for one or take advantage of them all!



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