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Sit Happens Dog Training Offers In Home and Group Class Training Options that get results
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In Home Training
Custom 1-on-1 training programs treat your dog's behaviors at the source... where and when it happens.
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Our group class options are great for clients looking for a social training environment or on a strict budget.
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How old is your dog?

8 - 16 Weeks Old

Did you know the most influential period for socialization is between 

6 – 16 weeks old?!

Due to this reason, we 

highly recommend a puppy class 

to provide you with a safe place to socialize your puppy, with other puppies their own age.

This allows your puppy to learn appropriate social skills and build confidence. It also teaches pet parents when to step in during play and how to advocate for their dog. Both concepts reduce chances of reactivity issues in the future.


Our programs focus on house training, crate training, building confidence, and creating a solid routine that will set your puppy up for success.

4 - 12 Months

The first year is a roller coaster of experiences and emotions for your dog. 

It is essential that your dog learns to handle stress in a positive way.

Dogs must learn how to process their emotions such as frustration without throwing tantrums, and fear without running away.

This is the key to reducing reactivity issues in the future.


Training at this age is ongoing. Dogs are still learning about life and establishing who is safe, who is untrustworthy and most of all… who they can push around.


It is important to begin building a solid obedience foundation at this age, while at the same time building confidence through consistent mental and physical challenges.

Over 1 Year

You know that saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”. That’s a lie… 

dogs can learn at any age.. 

the older ones just aren’t as excited about rolling over.


Here’s another lie, “Your dog will settle when it is older.”

The dog may calm down a bit due to natural maturity. But a dog that has no manners and pulls on the leash, will keep pulling on that leash until it is taught not to do so.


Older dogs tend to have formed opinions about their environment due to past experiences. Our trainers are experienced with all types of behaviours and can help with reactive dogs as well.


You Can't Blame Them

If You Don't Train Them

Dog Training

Sit Happens offers quality dog training options that work! 

Backed by our five star reviews, our training programs get dramatic results.. if you do your homework.


Our experienced trainers offer balanced training styles that teach dogs the coping skills needed while dealing with the stress associated with living in human society. Because, no matter how you slice it… stress is inevitable, and learning how to deal with it leads to a less anxious life.


We focus on building impulse control, patience and focus, to improve safety and self control around distractions through obedience and behavioral training.


We teach dogs how to handle emotions such as disappointment, frustration and fear, so they are less reactive to their surroundings.


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