Day Training

A Structured Alternative for Daycares and Board & Train Programs

Let Us Do Some of the Work for You!

Having trouble dedicating time to a training program?
Want more structure than a dog daycare provides?
Could your dog use some breed specific activities to blow off some steam?

We may have the perfect option for you!
Our Day Training Service is designed to ensure your dog gets enough practice and consistency
to set them up for success.

Day Training allows your dog to work with one of our experienced trainers to achieve your training goals. We can customize your dog's training experience to work on obedience skills, build confidence, work on reactivity, general house manners, or drain physical and mental energy. Our goal is to take some of the work off your hands and give your dog a fun hobby to look forward to with their classmates!

Monday - Friday between 10am - 4pm
Shuttle Service Provided for Georgetown


* Prices are subject to change 

1.5 Hour Workout

$60+hst Per Day

Coming in once or twice a week to blow off steam can give your dog an outlet to reduce the layers of stress in their life. Clients have reported seeing a difference in their dog’s overall behaviour with just two weekly sessions. Their workout will focus on improving their confidence, impulse control, patience, ability to relax around other dogs, and of course drain mental and physical energy.

This is a great option for people looking for help during the week with training and exercising.

Up To 6hrs

$90+hst Per Day

This option will accommodate clients who work longer days or are looking for a more thorough training workout. More time will allow us to work your dog multiple times between crated rest periods.

What to Expect During Your Dog’s Workout

Agility Training

Tricks Training

Physical Fitness Circuit

Play Session

Obedience Work (Impulse Control & Patience)

Place Work

Calmness Around Dogs

Confidence Building


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