“Brittany was very professional. She was also very friendly. Our Elsa seemed to really connect with her. Brittany was very patient with us and kept us motivated. We appreciated that she was always on time for our sessions, and that she was also willing to be flexible when we had to change our appointment times. We are very grateful that we found her. Our sessions were always informative and very easy to follow. Her dog, Zep, is a true testament to her exceptional leadership. We are definitely going to call her again to learn off leash training.”

Angela Di Millo,
Pet Parent of Elsa (German Pinscher)

“Britnie is wonderful with animals and gave me some great advice for dealing with my dog, Chloe. I have started to implement her strategies and already I’m seeing a difference with my dog. Thank you!”

Pet Parent of Chloe (the counter surfing thief!)

“Britnie is very kind and patient and definitely knows her stuff, I’m learning how to take control of my pup instead of my pup taking control of me! I would definitely recommend her.”

Pet Parent of Princess (German Shepherd Dog)

“Britnie is the best! After trying several dog trainers with no success we decided to call Britnie as our last resort to help us with training our golden retriever puppy. Britnie was highly recommended by a friend of ours. We both found that private lessons made a huge difference because all the attention is on you and your pet and not a room full of other dogs. Well worth the money! Britnie was caring, patient and overall wonderful with both us and our puppy. She came to our house for the training and was always on time. We would highly recommend her.”

Matt and Heather,
Pet Parents of Merlin (Golden Retriever)

“My Boyfriend and I have a beagle-harrier mix named Bailey. She is hyper, vocal, playful and just has an absolutely adorable and loving personality. By the time Bailey was a little over one year, we began to notice that she became very clingy and couldn’t stand it if we left her. She would bark for hours (and a hound family bark and howl isn’t a quiet one) scratch the doors and make a bit of a mess. It got to the point where our social lives diminished because we weren’t going out for long periods of time or at all! After a few months of doing so, we began to really doubt the fact that we made a good decision on adopting her. With the lingering feeling of hopelessness and doubt, we laid out our options. Either give her up to a loving family that would be able to manage her or sign up for classes which never worked with our schedules. We decided to do some more research hoping that these weren’t our only two options. That was when we came across an ad for a Dog Trainer that will come to you, that will work with your busy lives to establish rules and training for you and your dog. We were thrilled at the ad alone until we gave the trainer a call, I swear it was the best call we’ve made for our four legged kid… We had a consultation session, that alone gave me so much hope and excitement for our little family. After that it only went uphill. Every session better than the last and Bailey showing such amazing progression and behaviour. We even had a few things come up during the week and we could easily communicate to work out another date. No hassles or extra fees. We were even shown a few new leashes and collars which we were able to purchase right on the spot! It couldnt be any more adjusted and tuned to your lifestyle. In a quick three months, Bailey and ourselves were completely turned around and could finally live our lives. I couldn’t believe the night and day difference with the relationship between us and our dog. We were able to live our lives again and regret ever thinking of giving her up. This was the best decision we have made for our little family.”

Pet Parent of Bailey (Harrier/Beagle Terrier mix)

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