Become a Trainer!

Have you ever considered becoming a dog trainer?

Are you sick of working in an office and have a passion for working with animals? Join the Sit Happens team and land your dream job with us!

Registration for Sit Happens’ Dog Training Apprenticeship is now open.

Sit Happens is offering a one of a kind dog training apprenticeship with on-going alumni benefits.

Apprenticeship Highlights:

  • Apprenticeship with HANDS ON training
  • Learn obedience and behavioral training
  • Dog and Human psychology
  • Marketing and time management

Alumni Benefits:

  • Join the Sit Happens team as an exclusive trainer in your region
  • On-going support and training
  • Start working right after graduating

If you are interested in becoming a trainer, please contact us via this form:

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524 Main Street

Georgetown, Ontario L7G 3S8

Phone: (289)891-6424 (289)891-6424


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