Adult Training

When a puppy reaches four months old, they are mentally equivalent to a 5-10 year old. At this point in their life it is time to teach them responsibility and work on self control and patience. You have a clean slate and can stop bad habits from forming. It is most important to show leadership during this stage so that your dog learns to follow you instead of challenge you. This is done through consistency in training, setting boundaries and structure.

With adult dogs that already have bad habits, the training will focus on their triggers and their reactions towards them. We also work on improving the mental health of your dog by focusing on behavioral training. This includes extreme cases such as aggression, obsession or fearfulness.

In only 5 lessons you will learn:

  • All obedience commands on leash
  • First time response on commands
  • Fun ways to mentally stimulate your dog
  • Stop unwanted behaviors
  • Improve mental health
shaggy dog

If you are a new dog owner or are having issues in any of these areas, we are here to help!

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